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Center Stage Clothiers is proud to be able to support our local high school drama programs with costumes, accessories, and props for their theater productions. In fact, when we opened our store in 2018, with Kristin Johnson’s wonderful collection, the local area schools were our main focus, as we wanted to carry on her legacy as the costumer for both Central Catholic and Jesuit High Schools located in Portland, Oregon.

Today, school theater programs continue to be our biggest customers! And, in Kristin’s honor, we happily offer a substantial discount to schools and theater groups, to help keep their programs affordable and to continue to thrive in our community. We think Kristin would be very proud of that… We have also enjoyed helping to not only provide and/or make costumes for our local theater groups, but we have had opportunities to help design and furnish several of the stage sets for their productions.

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Jim Kirkpatrick Artwork

The artwork you see on the walls of our store, both murals and fine art on canvas, are the work of Diana’s husband, Jim Kirkpatrick, a retired Sign Painter/Artist. You can see more of his artwork, along with contact information by visiting his website at

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